[Strengthening the skin barrier] It contains peptides that help strengthen the skin barrier, adding vitality to tired skin and making it lively. [Double skin care] Double care for skin with idebenone and peptides. [Contains skin care patented ingredients] We present a unique skin with oyster mushroom extract and Oriental Beauty Newplex, which are patented skin care ingredients. [Main Ingredients] Blossom Mushroom Extract/Peptide/Amino Acid Complex/Plant Stem Cells/Idebenone/Centella Asiatica Leaf Water [How to Use] 1. After using Dermatology Booster and Serum, apply an appropriate amount to the face. (If you have sensitive skin, apply the active cream first before the serum.) 2.The active cream is absorbed over time even if applied thickly. Once absorbed after a few minutes, repeat according to your skin type. Safety warning: Do not use for anything other than applying to the skin. Unit count type: Fl Oz