SHEsGuide Ads

Find informations below to learn about SHEsGuide Ads, ad delivery, and how to change or cancel your advertising campaign. You can also contact us to get started today.

  • Does SHEsGuide treat advertisers any differently than non-advertisers?

No. Other than giving advertisers ads, advertisers don’t get any preferential treatment.

  • How can I get a Verified License badge for my business listing?

Verified License is a paid advertiser feature available to businesses in certain categories and regions. If the feature is available for your business, you can choose it as a business upgrade when signing up for SHEsGuide Advertising for your Business. If you’ve already signed up for advertising, you must provide us with License Verification after logging into your Business Account.

  • How will SHEsGuide verify my license?

When you sign up for Verified License, you can provide us with information (including license number and issuing authority) about your license to help expedite the verification process. If you do so, our moderators will reference that information against the issuing authority’s information to confirm that the license is valid, corresponds to your business, and is in good standing. Submitting information about your license helps us quickly and effectively verify your business’s license. You must immediately notify us if we have posted an incorrect license.

  • How much time will this take?

From the time you sign up for the program, it may take up to five business days for our moderators to verify your business license. Any information about your license that you submit when you sign up will help us expedite the process.

  • Why was my license rejected?

There are several reasons our moderators may have been unable to verify your business’s license data. Note that even if we’re unable to verify your license, you’re welcome to re-request verification or re-submit information at any time. Reasons why might have been unable to verify your business’s license data include:

  1. We couldn’t find a license: If we aren’t able to find a license that matches your business in one of the license databases that we check, we won’t be able to add it to your account.
  2. The license we found doesn’t match the information on SHEsGuide: This could happen if your business’s information on SHEsGuide differs from what’s shown on your license, or if you’re using a DBA.
  3. The license we found is expired, revoked, or otherwise invalid

  • How do I advertise on SHEsGuide?

If you’re interested in advertising your business on SHEsGuide, check out our program packages to get started now with SHEsGuide’s a suite of tools to showcase your Business.

If you’re looking for a little more guidance and support, please contact us. A member of the team would be happy to answer any questions that you have or help you set up your Business Advertising campaign.

  • How do I cancel my SHEsGuide advertising program?

Depending on your program, the terms of cancellation vary. If you are in our non-term contract program, you are able to stop your campaign at any time, but keep in mind that you can also change your advertising program. If you cancel your whole advertising program, it will be removed completely. If you cancel any paid products or upgrades, the date when you have cancelled them will appear as expired date.

If you are currently in a contract and need to cancel your Ads program just email us.

  • How do I change my SHEsGuide advertising program?

Please contact our Sales Representative, or email us.

  • How do I create SHEsGuide Profile for my business?

Setup SHEsGuide Profile allows you to showcase your business’s specialities to prospective customers through a photo collection of projects. Your Profile will be displayed on your business listing through photos of past projects and can include additional details such as costs, timelines, and services provided. This allows potential customers to learn more about your business’s quality of work and helps them decide if your business is the best fit for their upcoming needs.

Your Business Profile might include the following information: 

  1. Click the Profile tab on the left side of your Business Account
  2. Fill out the required information to publish the project

1.  Name for your Business

2. Choose services for your business

3. Add your project photos

4. Add description for your project

  • How do I customize my SHEsGuide advertising program?

We have two new features to give businesses more control over their ad campaigns that are delivered on SHEsGuide web and mobile platforms:

  1. Location Targeting: Show your business’s location
  2. Custom Ad Text: Write custom messaging for use in your business’s ad

The Location Targeting feature lets customers easily to determine where the services are available around their area.


We’ve seen that businesses also love the ability to pick a photo or review to feature in their ad. With Custom Ad Text, you have the option to write your own message. This means that you can promote your business’s specific services or promote a consistent message across different marketing channels.

  • How do I follow up on a call I received from SHEsGuide’s Sales team?

SHEsGuide offers advertising options that aim to increase the exposure of your business, and members of our sales teams contact businesses to let them know of advertising opportunities.

Generally, a sales representative will provide their contact information so you can follow up with them later. If you don’t have the contact information for the sales representative who contacted you, or if you have any questions/concerns about a call you received, please contact our Support team.

  • How do I know my SHEsGuide ads are being delivered?

You can track the progress of your ads in your SHEsGuide business account . There, you can track the number of times your ad was clicked on.

  • How do I pause my SHEsGuide advertising program?

Depending on your program, the terms of pausing can vary. If you are in our non-term contract program, you are able to pause your campaign at any time, but keep in mind that you can also change your advertising program.  To pause your non-term contract advertising program, simply visit Billing page in your Business Account.

If you are currently in a contract and need to cancel your Ads program just email us.

  • How do I post with SHEsGuide?

Posting with SHEsGuide is a quick process that requires only an image, a headline, and copy to fill the body of the post. You can also include a link.

  • What are Listing Upgrades?

Listing Upgrades are paid SHEsGuide service plans that you as a business owner can use to showcase your business on SHEsGuide.  The following are the features and prices that you can choose the most to fit on your business needs.

Listing Upgrades come with a fixed fee, so you will be charged the same amount each month.

  • What does the ads for my business on SHEsGuide look like?

SHEsGuide runs a variety of ads, including a review ad, a specialties ad, and Request a Quote ads. Your ads appear in a variety of places on SHEsGuide web and mobile platforms, including on search result pages and competitor pages.

You can also decide to customize your ad by choosing a photo and either selecting a review or providing custom text that will be featured in your ad.

  • What should I post on SHEsGuide?

SHEsGuide gives you an opportunity to tell your customers more about what makes your company special by highlighting the unique features of your business that you want customers to know. Additionally, you can highlight upcoming events, limited time offers, and other timely content to keep your customers in the know.

Examples of Update Posts include:

  • Holiday Events and Hours
  • New Services Options
  • New Device Released

Examples of Event Posts include:

  • Limited time promotion or offers
  • Next Service coupons
  • Unique events hosted at the store

Examples of Ongoing Posts include:

  • Offer an annual membership
  • Popular services
  • Interact with customers online and respond to reviews
  • Create unique spa packages
  • Offer mobile-friendly appointment bookings

SHEsGuide automatically promotes your posts to your business’s followers based on the post content. We make sure to promote Event and Update Posts to your followers to make sure they’re seen before the event and while the update is still fresh.

We recommend building a set of posts once a month, so any upcoming events will be scheduled and you have the opportunity to add new content. Of course, if you have a last minute event or a new service addition pop up, jump in and make a post right away!

  • When are SHEsGuide ads for my business delivered?

SHEsGuide Ads are delivered to our users based on their activity on SHEsGuide, such as when a user searches for a service or demonstrates interest in a service (for example, by clicking on a business page or photo). 

SHEsGuide uses a variety of factors to deliver the most relevant ads for each user. These include — but aren’t limited to — how the category of the advertiser relates to what the user is searching for or looking at on SHEsGuide and the geographic area supplied by the user during their search and the location of the advertiser.

  • Where do the SHEsGuide Ads for my business appear?

Your ads can be delivered in a variety of places on SHEsGuide websites and mobile applications, including on search result pages, business pages, and photo pages, as well as on non-SHEsGuide properties.

  • Who can I reach out to with questions about my advertising contract?

If you’re a current local advertiser, you’ll need to reach out to our Customer Service Team with any questions about your program, contract, or billing.

  • Why are there other businesses and competitors shown on my business page?

There are a few features we use to show other relevant businesses to users on your page, all aimed at enhancing the user experience:


SHEsGuide has advertising programs that allow businesses to display their pages on search results and on related business pages. This is meant to enhance the user experience by suggesting relevant businesses that SHEsGuide’s users may not have previously considered. SHEsGuide also offers programs that will remove competitor ads from your business listing.

If you are interested, you can contact us for further information.

“People also viewed”

This section aims to enhance the user experience by displaying additional businesses that users on the page have also viewed.

“Best of SHEsGuide”

“Best of SHEsGuide” primarily appears on the SHEsGuide homepage, but is also sometimes at the bottom of business pages. Just like “Other great stuff nearby,” it’s designed to help users by suggesting highly rated businesses by category. The businesses displayed here are determined by a number of factors, including overall star rating, and they cannot be manually adjusted.

  • Why can’t I find the ad for my business on SHEsGuide?

Due to the sheer number of visitors to SHEsGuide it’s not surprising that you may not see your ad each time you look. Rest assured, we are delivering your ads. SHEsGuide delivers ads in a variety of places, including on search result pages, business pages, and photo pages, on both our desktop and mobile platforms.