Legal Questions

California Data Retention Notice #

SHEsGuide will store your personal information for so long as it is reasonably necessary for the purposes for which it was collected, which are described in SHEsGuide’s Privacy Policy.  When your personal information is no longer necessary for those purposes, it will be scheduled for deletion.

Some personal information is only reasonably needed for a set period of time. For example, SHEsGuide will typically not retain precise geolocation information for longer than one year. Other personal information may not have a set retention period. For example, SHEsGuide needs to maintain your account information while your account is open so we can provide SHEsGuide’s services.

Can I remove my business page from SHEsGuide? #

SHEsGuide publishes business information so that consumers can share their experiences about local businesses, and because the information is typically a matter of public record and public concern. Therefore we don’t remove such information from the site.

While we understand that some business owners might prefer to keep a low profile, it’s important (and a legal right) for consumers to be able to find and share helpful information about great local businesses.

If you need to update or change the information on your business listing, please submit any changes by editing your business information on SHEsGuide website or on the SHEsGuide for Business app and submitting a detailed note with any supplementary information.

If your business is permanently or temporarily closed, please let us know by reporting it. Please note that closed businesses sometimes still appear in SHEsGuide search results, for example, to inform users that the business is closed.

Can I report a business if I think it’s unlicensed? #

It’s helpful for users to read about licensed and unlicensed businesses alike, but ultimately it’s the regulatory authorities themselves who are in the best position to determine whether or not a business is properly licensed. We invite you to share your information with them if appropriate.

Can I report a business that is trying to pay people to write positive reviews? #

Please let us know if you stumble upon a business that is trying to boost its reputation by paying people (or offering freebies or discounts) to write positive reviews. You can help us spread the word that paying for positive reviews not only isn’t ethical, but can also be illegal.  We work hard to warn consumers about the businesses we catch paying for biased reviews.

If you have evidence of a business that is trying to pay for its reputation rather than earning it the hard way, please contact our Support team.

Can I sue SHEsGuide for a bad review? #

It’s certainly worth discussing your concerns with a lawyer who specializes in internet law, but any good lawyer will likely tell you that:

  • Consumer speech is protected under the law, even when it’s negative
  • SHEsGuide isn’t responsible for the opinions of your customers
  • Suing SHEsGuide will only draw more attention to the negative review than if you simply ignored it
  • Lawsuits are extraordinarily expensive, and you may be responsible for SHEsGuide’s legal bills at the end of the case

Do Customers ever get sued for posting negative reviews? #

Freedom of speech is protected both online and offline. As a result, online reviewers are well within their rights to express their opinions (ranging from “I love the ambiance” to “The cashier was rude to me”) and relate their true experiences (“I ordered the shrimp scampi” and “The doctor wouldn’t accept my insurance”).

For businesses that want to thank a reviewer or share their side of the story, we offer a free SHEsGuide Business Account which, among other things, allows businesses to publicly respond to reviews and direct message reviewers. In our experience, reviewers usually like to hear from well-intentioned businesses who are legitimately interested in listening to customer concerns.

Businesses can also report a review if they think it violates SHEsGuide’s Content Guidelines.  

As with anything, there will always be those who try to solve their problems in court by suing people who post negative comments about their businesses. Few of these lawsuits have ever met with any success, and the media tends to focus its attention on the negative comments that the business hoped to hide from public view by suing the reviewer.

If you, as a reviewer, have been threatened with a lawsuit, we urge you to check your facts and make sure you can still stand behind your review. If not, we advise you to remove it. Please contact an attorney if you are actually sued, and know that we will be quick to cooperate with your attorney as best we can. You should also let us know by contacting our Support team.

Does SHEsGuide extort small businesses? #

No. From time to time we hear this theory, often from those that have tried and failed to artificially inflate their ratings on SHEsGuide. But the truth is there has never been any amount of money a business can pay SHEsGuide to alter reviews or ratings. SHEsGuide exists to connect consumers with great local businesses and we work hard to feature content that reflects real experiences that consumers are inspired to share.

We use an automated recommendation software that analyzes billions of data points from all reviews, reviewers and businesses to evaluate the usefulness and reliability of each review. There’s no connection between the time a business starts, stops, or declines to advertise on SHEsGuide, and how the recommendation software treats a business’s ratings and reviews. In fact, claims to the contrary have been repeatedly investigated and rejected by government agencies, in multiple courtrooms, by independent scholarly studies and in the media. The recommendation software applies the same objective standards to all businesses, meaning you’ll find plenty of non-advertisers with five-star ratings, as well as advertisers with one-star reviews. No employee at SHEsGuide has the ability to override the decisions that the software makes for any particular business. This approach is deliberate to avoid conflicts of interest.

How can law enforcement officials get in touch with SHEsGuide? #

If you are a law enforcement agent who is authorized to gather evidence in accordance with an official investigation, you can contact our Support team.

Warning: #

Requests to SHEsGuide through the link above may be made only by governmental entities authorized to obtain evidence in connection with official legal proceedings pursuant to Title 18, United States Code, Sections 2703 and 2711. Unauthorized requests may be subject to prosecution. By requesting access you are acknowledging that you are a government official making a request in official capacity.

How do I report content that violates SHEsGuide’s Content Guidelines or Terms of Service? #

We remove user-posted content when we determine it violates our Content Guidelines.

Our moderators carefully check all reported content against our Content Guidelines, we’ll remove it and notify the poster. If you’ve already reported something and have questions about the response you received, please contact our Support team.

Our recommendation software also automatically evaluates reviews and may separately determine that a review isn’t useful or reliable enough to include among the recommended reviews for that business.

If a business representative wants to clarify or address something specific in one of their reviews, we recommend that they respond to the review publicly or via direct message (by logging into their SHEsGuide for Business account), similar to the way they would respond to any customer complaint or issue regardless of the channel.

How do I report someone who is harassing me on SHEsGuide? #

We want SHEsGuide to be a fun place to connect with other users, so please let our moderators know if you’re receiving any unwanted or inappropriate attention on the site. You can alert our team of this behavior by:

  • Reporting the user account of the person who’s bothering you.
  • Reporting any inappropriate messages you’ve received, either from another user or a business owner.
  • Blocking the user from sending you compliments or messages.
  • Reporting the business owner comment.

How do I report someone who is harassing me outside of SHEsGuide? #

Our ability to act is mostly limited to things that are happening on SHEsGuide itself. If someone is threatening or harassing you offline (even if it relates to things happening online), you may want to consider contacting the proper legal authorities.

If the situation escalates online, you can let our moderators know by reporting the accounts of the users responsible as well as any messages you’ve received.

Is SHEsGuide responsible for content posted by its users? #

We do our best to foster a community of users who post helpful, relevant, and reliable content, but users are ultimately responsible for the things they post on SHEsGuide. If you have questions about a specific photo or review, you should report it for evaluation and consider reaching out to the person who posted it. 

To what extent can regulated businesses use consumer review sites like SHEsGuide? #

Some businesses are regulated more heavily than others, such as doctors, lawyers, and financial advisors. We frequently get questions from business owners in these industries about:

Eligibility for Review

SHEsGuide business listings help consumers find and share information about great local businesses. Regulations that limit what doctors, lawyers and other regulated industries can say or do on consumer review sites do not limit what consumers can say and do on those sites. As a result, SHEsGuide lists regulated and unregulated businesses alike so that consumers can find and share information about them.

Interacting with Consumers on SHEsGuide

Some regulated businesses may be concerned about whether they can interact with consumers on SHEsGuide. In most cases, they can interact with consumers on SHEsGuide in the same way that any other business can.  

For example, health care professionals are not prohibited by HIPAA from posting public responses to consumer reviews provided that they don’t betray private health information about the reviewer (e.g., “Thanks for the feedback. We try to keep wait times to a minimum, but emergencies sometimes cause longer delays than we’d like. We don’t take our patients’ time for granted, and will continue to over-communicate with our patients when emergencies come up.”).

Similarly, healthcare professionals may be permitted to use SHEsGuide’s direct messaging platform and other non-HIPAA compliant messaging platforms to communicate with patients and prospective patients pursuant to guidance issued by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.  We encourage you to review the guidance for more details.

In short, we believe that most regulated businesses can interact with consumers on SHEsGuide in the same way that any other business can.

Advertising on SHEsGuide

Some regulated businesses may be concerned about whether they can advertise on SHEsGuide. Depending on the industry, most regulations allow business to advertise on sites like SHEsGuide provided they don’t exert editorial control over consumer reviews. In SHEsGuide’s case, advertisers are not afforded editorial control over reviews, and SHEsGuide itself does not treat reviews any differently for advertisers as compared to non-advertisers.  

You can find plenty of doctors, professionals, and other regulated businesses who advertise on SHEsGuide. Feel free to contact our sales representative to find out if we sell advertising in your category of interest.

Industry Information and Advice

If you have additional questions, we suggest contacting your local industry group or regulator, which should be able to suggest common practices or specific guidance.

What should I do if a business pressures or pays me to change or remove my negative review? #

While it’s rare for a business to do this, it does occasionally happen. SHEsGuide stands firmly against businesses pressuring customers or paying them to change or remove reviews. Even if the exchange is friendly in nature, consumers shouldn’t accept payment or a refund in exchange for removing or changing a review. Activity like this—whether initiated by businesses or consumers—violates our Terms of Service and deceptively alters a business’s reputation on SHEsGuide. Undisclosed incentives for reviews are also discouraged by the Federal Trade Commission

We encourage consumers to stand behind their reviews as written or to update them (without expecting payment or other incentives) to reflect any new information that may be useful to other consumers. 

We understand businesses can have an off day and may want a consumer to give them another chance after reviewing their feedback. Instead of asking for an updated review, we recommend businesses respond to critical reviews by thanking the customer for the feedback, acknowledging what went wrong and how they are addressing the issue. Many customers will appreciate being heard and will often update their review on their own.

If you’re in a situation in which a business owner is harassing you, pressuring you, or offering you something in exchange for changing or removing a review, please contact our Support team to give us more information so we can help you and other consumers.

What should I do if a reviewer demands payment in exchange for removing a negative review? #

Threatening a business with negative reviews — or offering to remove a negative review — as a way to get money or freebies is against our Content Guidelines. If this happens to your business, we want to know about it. Please contact our Support team and include details and proof of what happened — we’ll need evidence in order to take action on your behalf.

Please note that we won’t get involved if a customer is simply asking for a refund to remedy a bad experience. Contact our Support team only if someone expressly offers to remove a negative review as long as they get paid or threatens to post a negative review if they don’t.

What should I do if another business is using my trademarked business name? #

Businesses can sometimes share the same trademarked names (which is why, for example, you might legitimately find two different businesses with the same name, like “Bob’s Pizza”). Nevertheless, you should consult your lawyer if you think another business is violating your trademark. 

If you can provide us with the information required under the infringement policy, please contact our Support team.

Please note that trademarking your business name doesn’t prevent consumers from commenting about your business. As a result, we maintain business pages even for trademarked businesses.

Will SHEsGuide remove a false or defamatory review? #

If you see a review that you believe violates SHEsGuide’s Content Guidelines, please report it and include any information that can help us verify the information. SHEsGuide is a community-driven site, and removing photos, reviews, or other user content is not something we take lightly—we generally allow users to stand behind what they write. It’s also important to keep in mind that SHEsGuide doesn’t take sides in factual disputes.

After a review has been investigated by our moderators, SHEsGuide sends an email notification to the business owner or user who reported the content, notifying them of the results, which may take several days. We’ll typically also notify the reviewer if their content has been removed. 

If you received a notification that the reported review was not removed by SHEsGuide moderators—but you have obtained a final order from a court of competent jurisdiction explaining why a  review is defamatory—please contact our Support team.

SHEsGuide uses an automated software  to determine which reviews to recommend to users. Even if our moderators don’t remove a review, the software may separately determine that it’s not reliable enough to recommend to SHEsGuide’s users.

Will SHEsGuide remove my business page if I’ve trademarked the name of my business? #

Trademarking your business name is a great way to protect against other businesses trading on your name in a way that causes confusion in the marketplace, but it doesn’t prevent consumers from commenting about your business. As a result, we maintain pages even for businesses who have trademarked their names.

Business owners can also log into their Business account to publicly respond to any inaccuracies in the review, or contact the reviewer through a direct message.

Your Privacy Choices #

Depending on where you reside, you may have certain rights around SHEsGuide’s use, disclosure and retention of your personal information. More information about these data rights, including how they relate to SHEsGuide’s services, can be found in SHEsGuide’s Privacy Policy.

SHEsGuide Does Not Sell Your Personal Information

SHEsGuide does not sell your personal information and will not do so in the future without providing you with notice and an opportunity to opt-out of such sale as required by law.  As such, because it is inapplicable to SHEsGuide we do not currently offer an opt-out of the sale of data. Similarly, we do not offer financial incentives associated with our collection, use, or disclosure of your personal information. 

Managing Your Sensitive Personal Information

Sensitive personal information is a subcategory of personal information defined by applicable law that includes information like precise geolocation, certain health-related data, and data concerning potentially sensitive subjects like an individual’s sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, or religion. 

The types of sensitive personal information SHEsGuide might receive about you include precise geolocation, preferences that potentially may be related to your religious or other beliefs, and certain information contained in the content you choose to post on SHEsGuide. 

SHEsGuide does not collect or process your sensitive personal information without your consent.  For example, in order for SHEsGuide to receive your precise geolocation, you must opt-in to sharing your location through your mobile device.  Any other sensitive personal information, such as information shared through preferences or in the content you choose to post on SHEsGuide, can be removed at any time through your account.

How to Remove Geolocation Consent
You can remove permission for your mobile device to share your geolocation with SHEsGuide by adjusting your device settings. 

To turn off location access on an iPhone or iPad

        1.  Tap on your device’s Settings app
        2.  Tap Privacy
        3.  Tap Location Services
        4.  Scroll down to the SHEsGuide app icon
        5.  Select Never

To turn off location access on an Android device 

        1.  Tap on your device’s Settings 
        2.  Tap Location
        3.  Tap App access to location
        4.  Select the SHEsGuide app icon
        5.  Select Don’t allow under “Location access for this app”

Removing Consent to Process Other Sensitive Personal Information 
You can generally remove content you choose to share on SHEsGuide and, with limitations, can edit certain content as well. You can learn more about removing or editing reviews that you have posted. 

法律问题 #







如果您需要更新或更改商家列表上的信息,请通过编辑SHEsGuide网站上的商家信息或在SHEsGuide for Business应用程序上提交任何更改,并附上详细说明和补充信息。

































































企业有时可能会共享相同的注册商标名称(这就是为什么您可能会合法地发现两个不同的具有相同名称的企业,比如“Bob’s Pizza”)。然而,如果您认为另一家企业侵犯了您的商标,请咨询您的律师。




















  1. 点击设备的“设置”应用程序。
  2. 点击“隐私”。
  3. 点击“位置服务”。
  4. 滚动到SHEsGuide应用程序图标。
  5. 选择“从不”。


  1. 点击设备的“设置”。
  2. 点击“位置”。
  3. 点击“应用访问位置”。
  4. 选择SHEsGuide应用程序图标。
  5. 在“此应用的位置访问”下选择“不允许”。