Getting Started

How do I create an account?

To get started on SHEsGuide:

  1. Head to SHEsGuide or download the SHEsGuide App and select Sign up.
  2. Click on sign up with Email or Continue with Google, or Facebook.
  3. If you’re signing up with email, fill in your details and click  to agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.
  4. Click Sign up.

Once you’re signed up to SHEsGuide, you can start browsing and book your favourite services with professionals in your area.

I’ve forgotten my password – how do I reset it? #

Don’t worry – if you’ve forgotten your password, it’s really simple to log back into your SHEsGuide account:

  1. Head to our sign-in page by clicking here.
  2. Click on the Forgot password? link and enter the email address you registered your account with.
  3. We’ll send you an email with a link to reset your password.

Check your junk and spam folder if you’re having trouble finding your email as it may have landed there by mistake.

How do I manage my account information? #

It’s really easy to manage and make changes to your account information.

Your details #

  1. Go to your Profile  and select Edit profile.
  2. Make edits to your name, number, and email address.
  3. Click Save to update your details.

Notification settings #

  1. Go to your Settings  and select Notification settings.
  2. Click on device notification settings to control your mobile app notifications.
  3. Use the sliding scale  next to Text messages to enable or disable text message notifications about your appointments.

Social logins #

  1. Go to your Settings  and select Social logins.
  2. Click Connect to link your Facebook, Google, or Apple account.
  3. You can disconnect these at any time by clicking Disconnect.

Payment methods #

To add a payment method:

  1. Go to your Profile and select Payment methods.
  2. Click on Add new card and fill in your details.
  3. Save changes.

To change an existing card:

  1. Go to Payment methods and select Change current card.
  2. Enter your card details.
  3. Click Save to confirm your changes.

To remove an existing card:

  1. Go to Payment methods and select the card you wish to remove.
  2. Click on the three dots  next to your card details and select Remove card

We’ll use these details at checkout for any appointments booked online on Fresha, through a Book Now button on your service provider’s social pages or a direct booking link on their personal website.

Click the three dots next to your card details to Remove card or Change current card to update your payment details.

How secure is my data? #

At SHEsGuide, we take security very seriously. Your data is your data (not ours) and will not be shared with anyone or any third parties. All user data is securely backed-up every 5 minutes on SHEsGuide’s encrypted cloud database, our system uses SSL security and our hardware has top of the range firewalls.

Signing up, verifying and updating your account, resetting your password – everything you need to know to become part of SHEsGuide.

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