How do I change the email address on my SHEsGuide Business Account?

To change the email address from

Go to the Account Settings section of your account 

Click the Edit link to the right of Business Account Information

Update your email address

Click Save

From SHEsGuide for Business app 

Tap More (iPhone) or open the Sidebar Menu (Android)

Tap Account Information

Tap the email field to edit your email address

Tap Save

Troubleshooting suggestions if emails from SHEsGuide are not reaching your inbox

Search all folders (including Spam and Trash) for emails from If you’re using a Gmail address, check your Priority Inbox settings and Inbox tabs.

Confirm that the email address you’re checking is the one you use for your SHEsGuide Business Account. You can check your email address in the Account Settings section.

Check your email forwarding settings.

Check to see if your inbox is full and clear out any emails to free up space.

If the above steps are unsuccessful, you may want to try adding a new email address to your account